Reasons why Elounor isn't real

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i do ship elounor but your blog really made me think! i was always confused as to why his smile wasn’t really genuine when he was with eleanor and why there are always so many pictures of them. thank you so much! xx

We’re very happy we made you see things in a different way, thank you SO much! :) xx


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Although we already knew this, it is very important to remind all of you! Thank you very much, Anon, thank you!! xx

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Lance Bass from the Boy Band NSYNC talking about having to hide being gay and even having a beard.


Does anyone see the resemblance Look at the smile. Look at the eyes. The eye wrinkles. The eyebrows. The nose. Eye color. Etc.

This is the man behind the biggest boybands to ever exist (Backstreet Boys & N’sync) were signed to JIVE Records out of London, U.K and California…. whose CEO is Clive CALDER?

He has 2 kids, but only his son Keith is ever mentioned.

Just putting it out there.

Update: He’s also a billionaire, which in part could explain Eleanor’s expensive tastes, despite her being in Uni.

Jive Records is a division of Sony records… so is Syco Records… aka who One Direction is signed through.

This would be why there’s no information on his children, and why if Eleanor WAS his daughter, why she would be the perfect unknown candidate: One cannot dispute that Calder made a serious impact on the global music business, while remaining a mysterious character to most -he has aggressively protected his own privacy, as well as that of his wife and children.

This is not my post. I just wanted to share with my followers and bring it back. Credit to the owner. I dont care if I get hate, just shows that this is right. xx

I will add that Sony Entertainment is Syco’s “holding company”, 1D’s record label.


Louis and Eleanor arriving at their hotel in NYC.

But his face
it’s the same as this one



he looks so unhappy…








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